"Tekno Made Me Pregnant" Zambian Woman Cries out

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A Lady from Zambia ‘Rita Mwayanda’ has cried out to the public, full of regret for her love for the popular Nigerian star ‘Tekno’ which landed her in a mess of pregnancy outside marriage and the suffferings thereof.

According to Rita, she loves Tekno’s music alot to the extent that she had to go to different clubs to listen to any music by Tekno. 2016, she recalled, when Tekno release one of his mindblowing,sex luring and emotional stimulating hit called ‘Pana’ she was over emotionally seduced that she was lure into having sex with a man she claimed not to have known and the result was pregnancy.

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She gave the child to bed and now she has to face the full price all alone. Rita cried out for help.


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