Slain Footballer: "Kaka is gone but we don't need SARS again" Remo residents to Gov Abiodun


Recalling all the criminal acts against people in that community. The residents Remo, the town of the slain footballer kazeem protested to the Governor’s house. They poured out their hearts to the Gov.

“We have accepted our fate on this boy. We don’t want SARS again. Whenever they arrest our sons, the first thing they do is to take their phones, their bank accounts and they will threaten them with guns.
They arrested the boy in Sagamu, drove him to owode and then to Abeokuta where they pushed him to his death. We don’t know why they are treating us like this. If they stay away, our children will stop their protest… ” – Remo Residents tells Gov. Dapo Abiodun