Middle Belt Forum Tasks Lalong On Killings

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The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has urged the Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong to spare no effort in bringing those behind bloody killings and destruction of properties in the state to justice.

The Forum in a statement by its national president, Dr Pogu Bitrus, said the governor should consider evolving a security outfit similar to that of Amotekun as adopted by the South-west or an outfit such as the Join Task Force (JTF), comprising local vigilante groups and security personnel, as practised in the North-east to arrest further deterioration of security in the state.

He said the Forum was in support of the recent order by governor Lalong to security agents to arrest all Ardos and community leaders in Bokkos, Riyom, among others, in order to unveil those behind bloody killings across the state in the past few weeks.

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He said, “The Forum acknowledges the horrifying pains the people on the Plateau have been subjected to, and wishes to commiserate with Governor Lalong and the grieving people of the State over these reprehensible murders. There is no doubt that these gory assaults have led to enormous sorrows and cast dark clouds of frightening uncertainties in the skies for the besieged communities.

“The MBF fully identifies and commiserates with the Plateau State government and the people over these avoidable human and material devastation. We urge Governor Lalong to spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators of these devious murders to justice. When criminals are not brought to account for their dreadful crimes; they get emboldened and continue in their evils to the detriment of peace.”

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“As a Forum dedicated to the well-being of peoples living in the Middle Belt Region, we welcome Governor Lalong’s new resolve, which we believe is borne out of a sincere desire to end the interminable bloodshed that is daily becoming an inseparable trait of living for people on the Plateau.

“We are encouraged that the order to arrest Ardos and other community leaders is capable of opening new vistas in understanding the dynamics behind these mindless killings and destruction. As the Governor noted, it is impossible and unacceptable for such massive attacks to be unleashed, with no single arrest made by security agencies. Having witnessed colossal and ceaseless attacks in the past weeks, Plateau State has become a cynosure for massacres.

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“As the Chief Security Officer of Plateau State, we commend Governor Lalong for not sitting idly and watching helplessly at the continuous murders of peaceful citizens of his state, whose only fault is being indigenous people of Plateau State. We call on the Governor to walk his talk and deploy relevant mechanisms towards bringing the guilt to justice.”


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