Man killed himself with overdose of sex pills (video)


A young lady called Precious has narrated her experience with a young man who died after having sex with her.

According to her, she got to know the young man from a friend of hers who begged her to keep him company.

Precious is a young girl who sells drinks and do little prostitution on a partime base. It was her partime profession that landed her in the situation.

She narrated that after having sex with the man at around 5.00am she told the man that at about 6.00am she will be going to do her normal drink selling. She then slept off with the man. According to her, when she woke up again, the day has fully broken so she started waking up the man to pay her but to no avail. When she learnt that the situation was out of control she called for help.

On the arrival of the police, they saw alot of sex pills consumed by the young man.

What will happen to this young girl?

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