Ifeanyi Ejiofor Returns Home 1 Month After His House Was Burnt (Photos, Video)


Lawyer to IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and general counsel to IPOB, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, has returned to his compound after it was invaded and burnt. Taking journalists around, Ejiofor stated that the security forces invaded his house to kill him, in connivance with businessman, Emeka Offor, just because he is IPOB’s Lawyer

The Nigerian Police had declared Ejiofor wanted over the deaths of two Police Officers last month by suspected IPOB members in Ejiofors residence

However, Ejiofor stated that the situation had nothing to do with IPOB but more to do with the fact that he was Lawyer to IPOB.

He stated that Emeka Offor, in service to his Fulani paymasters, was after his life for defending IPOB in court. He said that a local altercation between two Masquerade groups was used to rope in Ejiofor which led to the invasion of Ejiofors country home in Oraifite by the police. When the police got his house, and discovered he was not around, they opened fire on the residents and killed 4 people, carting away two of the bodies.

Ejiofor said that it was the bodies of the two innocent people killed in his residence that was paraded as two police men killed by suspected IPOB members

He said that the Police and the Army now mobilised, returned to his neighbourhood and burnt over 40 houses in the area including his own, and raped many women.

He called on the authorities to give him justice by conducting a thorough investigation in what happend in his residence on December 4th

Picture and statement below