I swear, sperm plus happiness is good" – Lady Mocks Her Madam Who Kept Her Celibate all in the name of Born-Again

Rechael Okonkwo (Nkoli Nwa Nsukka), Shares Christmas Pictures

“Look at me before and look at me now.
“Free yourself from any captivity you locked yourself into.
“I was in captive before and I was just wasting without knowing. I stay with my aunt who is a born again Christian in one of nowadays pentecostal churches. I left her place in 2018 and I started seeing massive changes all over my body and life.


“I started living my life when I left my aunt place and also her church which is not even my choice. I made new friends and I started dating. I swear sperm plus happiness is good. See me now as I dey shine.
“Don’t let anybody tie you down somewhere just because you don’t have anyone that will take care of you. Just make a move (Japa) you will surely hook into a place that will favour you.
“Aunty born again, you are gossiping yourself not me. I thought you are a Christian and you are doing back talk. If dem born you well come to Lekki or meet me anywhere and tell me to my face that I am Ashawo if I will not beat you blue black, idiot. You think it was when I was staying with you. Rubbish, awon oloriburuku, with your useless husband that will be touching my nipples when I’m sleeping thinking I don’t know. Born again wicked idiots. E pain dem say I Japa and I come dey live fine pass them. As I dey so I don tesumole. Omo olope ni mi.

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“If I hear any gossip again from you, any fuckin gossip I will carry my squad from Lekki and enter Ikeja. Be warned. Oloshi.