My attention has been drawn to an undying rumour being circulated in the social media that I, Sen. Samuel Anyanwu (SamDaddy) have dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressive Congress, (APC), in Imo State.

I wish to vividly state that PDP remains my home and I have not contemplated defecting to another party.

The rumour of my defection to APC is the handiwork of my detractors whose aim has been to set my fellow party members, teaming followers and supporters, against me.

I could not have defected to APC or any other party on the social media, and without recourse to my supporters, friends, and well-wishers who I hold in high esteem. I have always considered these persons in any decision I had taken politically, and their advice has always provided me with a guide.

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The reality in Imo State today, however, is that my former colleague in the 8th Senate, Senator Hope Uzodimma, is the governor of our dear State.

Hope Uzodimma is my governor and I owe it to our State to support him to succeed, and not to fail. Though he of the APC, Gov. Hope Uzodimma is the governor of Imo State, not APC. He represents the collective interest of Imo people irrespective of their political leanings.

Long live PDP. Long live Imo State.


Sen. Samuel Anyanwu (SamDaddy)
Former Senator representing Imo East Senatorial District.