Governors-elect shouldn’t waste time probing predecessors, says Umar-Radda

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Dikko Umar-Radda, the governor-elect of Katsina, says his
counterparts should not waste time investigating the activities of their
predecessors after assuming office on May 29.


Speaking on Monday in an interview with Channels Television,
Umar-Radda discussed some of the lessons learned from the 2023 induction
workshop for re-elected and newly elected governors.


Umar-Radda said the newly-elected governors must consider
expertise and diversity in setting up their cabinets, instead of party


“If you want to succeed as a governor or any leadership you
must have people who have the expertise, experience, and skills,” he said.


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 “You also have to
consider the diversity and other options — women, youths, and politicians’
involvement. This will only consolidate the gains of the government.


“Issues of transition were also discussed at the forum.
Party affiliation should not be a hindrance to the transition from one
government to another.


“Governors-elect should not waste time investigating what
the other government had done. I think it is better to kick-start the process,
draw a line, move on and provide the leadership you are supposed to provide in
your state.”


The governor-elect said fighting insecurity is his first
priority in Katsina, adding that he is prepared to address the root cause.

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He attributed the banditry in the state to the “age-long
injustice” suffered by the Fulani ethnic group.


“When you want to deal with insecurity, there are kinetic
and non-kinetic approaches. First of all, you don’t negotiate with bandits from
the point of disadvantage, always try to negotiate with them at the point of
advantage. Let them call for negotiation. You should not be pursuing the
negotiation,” he added.


“Everyone who knows history knows how this thing started. It
started because of the injustice meted to the Fulani from time immemorial. It
has not been addressed by the government. If you go to those villages, they
don’t have schools and hospitals. They are not benefiting anything from the

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 “There are a lot of
intruders in the situation. This thing is not only perpetrated by those people,
there are so many people coming in and taking advantage of this —
non-Nigerians, Nigerians, and people taking advantage owing to the illegal
mining in the forests.


“As a result of the illegal mining sites, there are some
people who are funding the bandits, politically, so that when they fund them it
will give them the opportunity to mine.”


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