Cossy Orjiakor plans to enlarge her backside


Cossy Orjiakor, controversial actress and singer, has dropped another bombshell. In a recent interview with Vanguard Live, the screen diva, who is known for flaunting her boobs at random, has revealed she will be undergoing surgery to enlarge her bum.

Cossy revealed she named her bum Peter and Paul, though they are not yet as popular as her boobs, which she named Jane and Janet, adding that they will soon be, as she is undergoing plastic surgery to increase them.

According to her, “I am planning to make Peter and Paul as big as Jane and Janet. I got a good deal from a good doctor friend of mine, who is a plastic surgeon. So, I’ll be enlarging my bum soon.

“The surgery will be in two weeks’ time. Peter and Paul will be as big as Jane and Janet so that everything will be balanced.

As you can see, Jane and Janet are still popping. This is Jane and this is Janet (pointing to her left and right boobs simultaneously). Jane has a tattoo and Janet doesn’t.

“I decided to name them because they have a life of their own and they are even more popular than some people. My boobs are all natural and very soft,” Cossy added.