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How to track a stolen android phone, prevention from theft



How to track a stolen android phone, prevention from theft
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Imagine if you went out one lovely day to somewhere entertaining. At the end of the entertainment, you checked your pocket, handbag or purse and didn’t see your phone. Let’s see Tip to Track A Lost or Stolen Android Phone to avoid that bad experience.

how to track a stolen android phone

Many don’t know that there are ways to track your stolen Android Phone, PC & Non-Android Phone. They think it’s impossible or that the stolen phone must have an Internet connection in other to track a lost or stolen phone.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Anyway, no one is above mistake, but it is better to have some tracking apps installed on our Android device and at the same time be cautious. I have listed some Apps that can help Track A Stolen Android Phone that you must install on your phone, better after reading this article.


1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Antivirus App is also good not only for scanning, preventing and removal of the virus, but good in the tracking a lost android phone.

Avast offers many features and controls in other for you to Track A Stolen Android Phone. One of the best features of avast mobile security is it offers “Sound siren” tool which the device will ring or sound a siren when it has been registered as lost. This can probably help especially on a bus or somewhere not too expanded.

In avast anti-theft, you will be asked to add a trusted number which you will use to send commands to your stolen Android Phone.

Find & Track A Lost Android Phone


1. Use SMS to report status:
If enabled, Avast Anti-Theft will use SMS to report status changes and command response to predefined trusted numbers

2. Stealth mode
This feature will hide your avast anti-theft app from your phone. Nobody will be able to see the application. To discover the app, you need to call your avast anti-theft pin which you will be asked to create after you install avast anti-theft from Avast Mobile Security.

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To call your pin, you have to go to your android phone and dial your password on any Sim and a pop up will occur which you will be asked to type your password again. Then you will have access to avast anti-theft.

3. PIN security
The stolen device will be marked as lost if 8 wrong attempts are made to unlock it. This enables you to easily Track A Stolen Android Phone.

4. SIM security
This will register the stolen device as lost when the Sim card has been changed.

5. Show message on lock screen
This will allow you to show a custom message on the stolen phone screen. i.e the phone lock or home screen.

6. SMS Remote Control
There are many SMS control you will send through the trusted phone to the stolen phone number as a text message.

MESSAGE: will display a message on the phone
LOST: Marks device as lost
FOUND: Marks device as found
LOCK: Locks device
UNLOCK: Unlocks device
SIREN: Turn on siren
LOCATE: initiates a call from your device
FORWARD: Forwards outgoing SMS/calls to a selected number
WIPE: Permanently deletes all data from your device.
LAUNCH: Launches the avast anti theft interface
CLOSE: Closes the avast anti theft interface.
I have the avast mobile security app installed on my android phone and I feel more secure using avast anti-theft. Remember, this can prevent your Android phone from being stolen and also Track A Stolen Android Phone

2. Avg Anti-Virus
AVG Antivirus also have avg anti-theft. This has many features to prevent your Android phone from being stolen and also track it professionally.

Below are the features of avg anti-theft, avg anti-theft commands and how to log in & use avg anti-theft.

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1. Camera Trap

When your remotely lock your phone, Camera Trap will take a secret photo when the intruder enters your pin 3 times maximum. This security will send the intruder photo to your email.

2. Device Lock

If the intruder has already changed your Sim before you could send the commands{ Commands are after this sub-header}, need to worry as avg anti-theft will lock your device automatically.


These anti-theft commands in avg are really important to Track A Stolen or Lost Android Phone And they work well. Below are Anti-Theft commands in AVG antivirus.

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If the device is ever lost or stolen, you can send text message commands to it from another phone by following these steps;

1. Find another pone, create a text message and send it to the stolen phone

2. In your text message type one of the below command you need with your security pin {Example AVGLock 1234}

-To sound an alarm:

-To locate:

-To lock:

-To wipe:

If you cannot remember the instructions, you can click on the “EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS” on the Anti-Theft


1. Launch AVG Antivirus and then tap “AntiVirus”

2. Register for Anti-Theft

3. Log in to Anti-Theft

4. Locate your device using Google Maps

5. If your device get missing, visit

6. Remotely lock your device

7. Remotely wipe personal data

Track A Stolen Android Phone & Track A Lost Android Phone

These are the best apps – how to prevent your Android phone from being stolen or how to protect your Android phone from getting lost or stolen


– Private Zone – AppLock & Vault

– CM Locker-AppLock, Lock screen

– Prey Anti-Theft

– Cerberus Anti Theft

– Bitdefender Anti-Theft

– 360 Security

– Android Device Manager

Now over to the main reason, most of us are here. How to track a stolen android phone, how to find my phone, phone locator, find my phone, will be discussed in this article.

The process is not hard or long, so to say. It’s is easy and I have made this very brief.


There are many apps with different process, but this sub header focuses on the best and no #1 you should try when your android phone get’s stolen

From An Android Phone:

1. Download Google’s “Find My Device”app on another phone

2. Install the app and open it

3. Choose Guest Login and track your android phone

From A Pc / Computer

1. Connect your computer to the internet

2. Chrome browser is recommended, so open it

3. Login to your google account

4. Type “where is my phone” at the address bar. Google will load a mini find my device window

5. Sign in again as asked to and “Find My Device” Site will be opened and you can start tracking your lost or stolen device

From A Non-Android Device

1. Go to

2. Login to your google account

3. And start tracking by following the easy prompt

By doing these methods above, your missing device will be tracked and it should be found within few seconds.

If your device battery turned off or it was switched off, find my device will show you the last location before it got turned off.

Hope this article was very interesting, and you loved it. This is how to Track A Stolen Android Phone 2018. It will be very encouraging to share this with friends and on social media. Comments are also welcomed, thanks for coming.

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Pantami: Forces Against NIN Policy Behind Attacks Against Me




Pantami: Forces Against NIN Policy Behind Attacks Against Me
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Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, has alleged forces against the Federal Government’s compulsory policy on National Identification Number (NIN) registration for all Nigerians and those residing in the country are behind recent attacks against him.

Pantami in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES dismissed all the allegations against him, describing them as ‘untrue’.

He further denied links to extremist views, saying criminals and other ‘entrenched interests’ are behind the attacks on him.

He said: “I have no doubt about this. It has to do with the National Identification Number. Do you know one thing? This policy was started in 2011, it was not successful. Why? It was fought

“…In 2015, it came up, it was not successful. In 2018 there was a time that there were meetings between government and mobile network operators.

“And it was actually announced that by the agreement with government, the deadline was January 2018. It is there online, I will share it with you if you like. By January 2018, it was not implemented because there are forces against it. There are forces!”

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Pantami explained NIN registration is not only meant for Nigerians but it could be obtained by anybody in Nigeria.

He said: “Now they have started coming with the news that people are coming from neighbouring countries to register.

“What they fail to understand is that the National Identification Number is not only for Nigerians; anybody in Nigeria can obtain it.

“Section 16 and 17 of the Act mention the registrable people in the country – citizens, legal residents, legal permanent residents, and legal residents for a minimum of two years. So, it is not only for citizens. And it is also important to know that this is not just an indication that they are citizens of Nigeria.

“It is rather an indication that you presented your biometric data, so the government has control over your data.

“And that data of NIMC (National Identity Management Commission), nobody has access to it in any way he likes. Getting access to it illegally is 10 years in prison. It is there in the law. But people will like to discredit it, because they don’t like it.”

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The Minister added: “As long as it is implemented by the government, it will go a long way in reducing crime and based on the statistics we have been seeing now, it’s really encouraging.

“As government, our priority is the protection of the lives and property of our citizens. Security is our priority as a government – whether in agric, digital economy, education or in health, in whatever.

“President Muhammadu Buahari is so passionate about security, and he directed me to do that because he knows I try to persevere despite challenges and do what is right in the interest of our citizens and humanity.”

“You know as a government appointee, and at this level, if you say you are going to be intimidated by everything, then you cannot do the work. You cannot do the work.

” I was with the Minister of Foreign Affairs this week, on April 12. I was with the Minister. I was with the ambassadors of the U.K., the U.S., South Korea, and many other countries.

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“Even this issue that we are talking about, based on our findings, preliminary investigation, many people are not happy with what we have been doing – linking National Identification Number with SIM. Because a situation will come that all the people using SIM to commit crime will not be able to do that.

“If they do that, the government will be able to intercept them easily. This is what they don’t want to happen. And this is a mandate given to me by President Muhammadu Buhari. He personally signed the letter that ‘you are mandated to do that’.

“As his appointee, I should either do it or say I cannot. So, since I am willing to serve my country, I must continue to do it to the best of my ability.

“So, in my meeting with them, they even encouraged me to push it and make it very successful.”

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FG: Issuance Of New Sims To Resume April 19




FG: Issuance Of New Sims To Resume April 19
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The Federal Government says the issuance of new SIM cards will resume on April 19.

Isa Pantami, minister of communications and digital economy, made this known in a statement released by Femi Adeluyi, his technical aide (information technology), on Thursday.

In December 2020, the government suspended the activity as it embarked on an audit of the subscriber registration database.

Pantami announced that the country is set to implement a revised national digital identity policy for SIM card registration, adding that the national identification number (NIN) is mandatory at all levels.

“The policy includes guidelines on new SIM Acquisition and Activation, SIM Replacement, New SIM Activation for Corporates and Internet-of-Things/Machine-to-Machine (IoT/M2M), amongst others,” the statement read.

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“The possession of a National Identity number will be a prerequisite for each of these categories.

“For the corporate registration, institutions will be required to appoint a telecoms master (at the minimum of an executive management level) to provide the operational Primary NIN representation. The telecoms master will also be responsible to ensuring that the users provide their NINs to serve as a secondary NIN.

“For IoT/M2M activations, SIM security protocols would be implemented on the SIM profile to ensure that SIMs can only be used for point to point data services specific to the URL they are working with. All other services will be barred.

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“In the event that a data only service is particular to individual use (eg home car tracking, WiFi, MiFi services, etc), the standard NIN registration process will be followed. A telecoms Master will also be required for corporates requiring IoT/M2M activations.

“The full details of the requirements for each class of service will be made available in due course.”

Pantami further directed the Nigerian Comunications Commission (NCC) and the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to ensure that the provisions of the policy are strictly followed by all operators and subscribers.

“The revised policy will ensure that operators conform to the required standards for biometric capture,” the statement added.

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“The guidelines in the Policy have been painstakingly developed and while they are thorough, it should be noted that they have been developed that way in national interest since the SIM is essentially a national resource.

“The implementation of the Policy will commence on Monday, 19th of April 2021. The issuance of New SIMs and other suspended activities will resume on the same date, as long as verification is done and the guidelines are fully adhered to.”

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Minister Of Power Expresses Regret Over Power Outages




Minister Of Power Expresses Regret Over Power Outages
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Engr. Sale Mamman @EngrSMamman

I sincerely regret the recent Power outages across the Nation and the difficulties it has brought with it, and wish to assure my Fellow Nigerians that everyone involved is working assiduously to restore the National grid to its previous historical levels and exceed that.

The problem is caused by the breakdown of some National Integrated Power Plants supplying electricity to the national grid. The plants are namely, Sapele, Afam, Olonrunsogo, Omotosho, Ibom, Egbin, Alaoji and Ihovbor. The Jebba Power Plant was shut down for annual maintenance.

Seven other integrated Power plants, namely Geregu, Sepele, Omotosho, Gbarain, Omuku, Paras and Alaoji are experiencing gas constraints while the Shiroro hydroelectric power plant has water management issues.

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Minister Of Power Expresses Regret Over Power Outages

Minister Of Power Expresses Regret Over Power Outages

Minister Of Power Expresses Regret Over Power Outages

Minister Of Power Expresses Regret Over Power Outages

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