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FG Partners With Innoson To Build Nigeria’s First Aircraft



FG Partners With Innoson To Build Nigeria's First Aircraft
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FG, Innoson Partner On NASENI’s Auto Research Results, Prototypes

President Muhammadu Buhari is not leaving any stone unturned in the renewed efforts to tackle youths’ unemployment and general improvement of the economy through conversion of all research results and innovation’s technology outputs on the shelves of research institutes to job creation opportunities.

In this direction, the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (Nigeria’s only indigenous auto-manufacturer) has agreed to take-up all automobile research and development (R & D) results at the National Agency for Science & Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) and convert them to automobile products for the markets including getting some of them ready for exports.

Buhari is the chairman, board of NASENI while Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna is the executive vice chairman, board of the research and development agency.

Before now, NASENI had since 2013 designed & produced prototypes of first made-in-Nigeria motorcycle (both cargo & passenger types) and also successfully designed and produced first made-in-Nigeria tricycle (Keke).

The agency in addition had designed and produced prototype of jet engine to manufacture first made-in-Nigeria aircraft, amongst other several successfully designed automobile spare parts.

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All these designs and prototypes however were lying on the shelves because Nigerian entrepreneurs were not interested in them to take them further to full manufactured products and commercialisation, thereby creating local jobs and wealth at home.

The jinx was however broken yesterday as the federal government signed the take-off agreements with Innoson Motors to complete these auto designs up to finished products.

Haruna who signed the agreement on behalf of government said: “Today is the happiest day for me as the chief executive of NASENI because the dreams of President Muhammadu Buhari and those of the founding fathers are coming to pass which was to see that NASENI’S designs and technologies are transferable to the private sector & industry”

He went down memory lane saying “the partnership between Innoson Motors and NASENI started since 2013 when NASENI produced and launched it’s first mede-in- Nigeria motorcycle (NASENI M1), but I am happier today that the deal to work together has been sealed”.

The EVC said it was encouraging and patriotic for Innoson Motors to believe in Nigeria and Nigerian engineers and their ingenuities.

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He said NASENI’s research outputs are numerous, but most Nigerian entrepreneurs were not interested in working with the agency as they preferred to bring in finished products from overseas thereby indirectly hampering endogenous economic development of the country.

“But today both the federal government through NASENI and Innoson Motors have agreed to join in research and development and to proffer development solutions or work together on whatever is needed in automobiles in Nigeria,” he added.

According to Haruna, with the commencement of the implementation of the agreements, NASENI and Innoson Motors will no doubt move Nigeria forward.

In his response, the CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd, Chief Innocent Chukwuma said NASENI had been doing a lot of things in the areas of research and development, but ”today we have commenced a partnership that will live forever”

He said: “Both NASENI and Innoson Motors are passionate about lifting Nigeria out of economic woods and with God on our side, we shall succeed together”

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“NASENI has tried with their designs and automobile prototypes, it is our job as manufacturers to take it up from there.”

Curiously, he added, “NASENI’s moulds and designs are comparable to the ones which my company brings from abroad, so I ask myself, why don’t I patronize the designs by my fellow countrymen thereby building their confidence to do more. That’s why I am here.”

A statement by the agency’s deputy director, information, Olusegun Ayeoyenikan said with this collaboration, Nigeria would soon have a success story to tell in the production of automobile spare parts locally even to the extent of exports.

“A lot of things can be produced locally in Nigeria. I am assessing NASENI with the technologies it already has on ground synthesizing them with our own technologies, as the two joined together, we will move Nigeria forward. This joint efforts in research and development will not only benefit Nigeria and Africa but will be for the progress of the entire world. With what NASENI has on ground, working with them is worthwhile,” he added.

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Twitter Ban: US, UK, EU, Others Are Hypocrites – Lai Mohammed




Twitter Ban: US, UK, EU, Others Are Hypocrites - Lai Mohammed
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The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has slammed the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and other countries that criticised the suspension of social media giant, Twitter.

Mohammed, who described the foreign countries as hypocrites, said their views were purely based on economic reasons and not because they loved Nigeria.

The minister said this on NTA’s ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ programme on Friday.

Mohammed said both the EU and the UK were already working on social media regulations and wondered why Nigeria was being accused of stifling free speech.

He added, “The EU has recommended the same thing and Britain only on Wednesday spoke about a law that would regulate the social media. This is why I say they are being hypocritical. Like I said, I don’t like commenting on issues that have to do with relations with Nigeria and other countries but clearly speaking, they are being less than honest.”

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Mohammed said the Federal Government had constantly reached out to Twitter to bring down divisive comments like those of separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who was fond of calling Nigeria a zoo.

He asked Nigerians not to be deceived by foreign missions condemning the suspension of Twitter.

Mohammed added, “We have seen so many foreign missions come up to condemn the action of Nigeria. Nigerians, please, make a distinction between countries that are trying to protect their economic and commercial interests from those countries that genuinely love you and talking about freedom of speech and don’t forget for one minute that it is because there is a country called Nigeria that there is freedom of speech.”

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The minister maintained that the Federal Government did not suspend Twitter because it deleted a tweet by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), which many found repugnant.

On the issue of Nigerians losing money to the Twitter suspension, Mohammed downplayed the complaints, saying that the Nigerian government was not generating any money in tax from the social media platform.

He said Nigerians must note that it is only when there is peace that business can take place.

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Respect Your Citizens Rights – Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again




Respect Your Citizens Rights - Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again
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When we talk people say we are talking again. You do not mess around with US businesses , they have powerful lobby groups and can sink your administration. Who is India ?

Sanctions are coming soon, Pompeo former CIA Director has made his statement about Buharis deception ; people now understand this regime and they are watching.

The United States government on Thursday kicked against last Friday’s decision of the Federal Government to suspend operations of the microblogging platform, Twitter, in Nigeria.

It also expressed concerns over threats of arrest and prosecution of violators issued by the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami.

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The US government’s position was contained in a press statement by the spokesperson of the US Department of State, Ned Price.

It advised the Federal Government to respect the right of its citizens to freedom of expression by reversing the suspension.

The statement read, “The United States condemns the ongoing suspension of Twitter by the Nigerian government and subsequent threats to arrest and prosecute Nigerians who use Twitter.

The United States is likewise concerned that the Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission ordered all television and radio broadcasters to cease using Twitter.

“Unduly restricting the ability of Nigerians to report, gather, and disseminate opinions and information has no place in a democracy.

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“Freedom of expression and access to information both online and offline are foundational to prosperous and secure democratic societies.

“We support Nigeria as it works towards unity, peace, and prosperity. As its partner, we call on the government to respect its citizens’ right to freedom of expression by reversing this suspension.”

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Most Used Social Media Platforms In Nigeria – Top 12




Most Used Social Media Platforms In Nigeria - Top 12
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1 Whatsapp
2 Facebook
3 Youtube
4 Instagram
5 FB Messenger
6 Twitter
7 Telegram
8 Linkedin
9 Tiktok
10 Snapchat
11 Pinterest
12 Skype


As at Jan 2021, Nigeria had 33 million active social media users.

Social media users make up 15.8% of Nigeria’s population.

99.2% of social media users access them via mobile.


1 Youtube: 30.8 million
2 Facebook: 29 million
3 Instagram: 8.4 million
4 FB Messenger: 4 million
5 LinkedIn: 5.7 million
6 Snapchat: 6.65 million
7 Twitter: 3.5 million


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1 Facebook: 2.8b
2 YouTube: 2.29b
3 WhatsApp: 2bn
4 FB Messenger: 1.3b
5 Instagram: 1.29b
6 Weixin/Wechat: 1.23b
7 Tiktok: 732m
8 Douyin: 600m
9 Qq: 595m
10 Telegram: 550m
11 Snapchat: 528m

*16 Twitter: 396m*


@MBuhari 4.10m
@ProfOsinbajo 3.43m
@NGRPresident 2.33m
@elrufai 1.96m
@inecnigeria 1.86m
@PoliceNG 1.85m
@NigeriaGov 1.45m
@HQNigerianArmy 1.37m
@NGRSenate 1.35m
@GarShehu 1.28m
@officialEFCC 1.21m
@NCDCgov 1.19m

NAIRALAND VISITORS – last 9 months
Sep 2020: 33.09 million
Oct 2020: 34.67 million
Nov 2020: 29.78 million
Dec 2020: 28.41 million
Jan 2021: 29.45 million
Feb 2021: 25.99 million
Mar 2021: 27 million
Apr 2021: 26.79 million
May 2021: 29.17 million

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_Number of Unique Visitors_
Jan 2021: 4.84 million
Feb 2021: 4.29 million
Mar 2021: 4.49 million
Apr 2021: 4.31 million
May 2021: 4.33 million

MEMBERS: 2.69 million
TOPICS: 6.33 million

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