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WTO: 79 Countries Endorse Okonjo-iweala’s Candidacy



WTO: 79 Countries Endorse Okonjo-iweala’s Candidacy
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Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala voiced confidence on Friday in her quest to lead the crisis-wracked World Trade Organisation after all of Africa backed her candidacy, vowing she would champion reform.

“I feel the wind behind my back,” she told a virtual press briefing after the 55-member African Union officially supported her over her sole remaining opponent, Yoo Myung-hee of South Korea.

Okonjo-Iweala said she was thrilled to learn that “all African countries are getting behind me.”

According to her, a group of Caribbean and Pacific states had also said they would back her, bringing the number of countries officially endorsing her candidacy to 79 out of the 164 states that comprise the WTO.

She also said she felt “optimistic” about her support in Latin America, and said she felt she had gotten “very good traction and good support” in Asia so far.

“I feel quite confident that across the regions, we will be able to attract” support, Okonjo-Iweala added while hinting that the European Union was due to announce its preference of the last two candidates “soon”.

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Monday, assured Okonjo-Iweala during her visit to Aso Villa in Abuja that he would do all within his powers to ensure she gets the job.

The global trade body is set to be led by a woman for the first time whichever of the two candidates is successful in their bid to follow Roberto Azevedo, who stepped down as WTO director-general in August a year ahead of schedule.

Okonjo-Iweala, 66, who served as Nigeria’s first female finance and foreign minister and has a 25-year career behind her as a development economist at the World Bank, said it would be good if WTO could also boast its first African leader.

“If that person is African and a woman, I think that is great. Because… neither an African nor a woman has led the organisation,” she said.

But at a time when the WTO is engulfed by multiple crises, she stressed that the new chief must above all be highly skilled in political and diplomatic negotiations, as well as at the managerial level.

“The WTO at this time with the challenges it confronts needs a very competent Director General who is able to have the political reach and stature to be able to do reforms and deal at very high levels.

“It is not only having those skills but having them all meet in one person at this juncture when the WTO needs that,” she said.

Even before the Covid-19 crisis hit, the WTO was already grappling with stalled trade talks and struggling to curb tensions between the United States and China.

The global trade body has also faced relentless attacks from Washington, which has crippled the WTO dispute settlement appeal system and threatened to leave the organisation altogether.

Okonjo-Iweala said she had broad experience in championing reform and was the right person to help put the WTO back on track.

“I am a reform candidate and I think the WTO needs the reform credentials and skills now.”

The initial pool of eight candidates for the WTO’s top post, which has been whittled down over two rounds of consultations, had included three Africans, and the AU had until now refrained from offering an official endorsement.

The third and final round of consultations seeking to establish consensus around one candidate is due to begin next week and end on October 27, with the announcement due in early November.

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Stop Confusing EndSARS Protesters – Nigeria Ex Int’l Boxer Advises Northern Govs



Stop Confusing EndSARS Protesters - Nigeria Ex Int'l Boxer Advises Northern Govs
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Nigeria ex international boxer Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo advises Northern State Governors Forum to stop confusional Statement over ENDSARS/SWAT protest for the interest of progress and development.

Because It is on record that corruption is the major cause of all agitation in Nigeria.

Including regional agitation that nearly divided Nigeria as a nation.

Considering corrupt practices in political parties, Educational Institutions,Labour Union,law enforcement agency among others Institution in Nigeria..

Look out the condition of Nigerians at Villages during Covid 19 Lockdown.

There are lots of untrue statement from many Government agencies witnessed by the youth

The position of those in the helm of affairs were far from the true position of the order of the day.

Laws and policies that were not in the best interest of general public was forced on the People with negative results

To the points that our Youth got tired of everything..

In the middle of that painful conditions. SARS among other corrupt officers were used to killed innocent Nigerian Citizens

It is regrettable that those saddled by law with the responsibility to protect peace and unity of the people are the ones creating the problem of disunity and repeated killings.

Sports, Education,Music, Arts and Religion among others are instrument of unity of any nation but those sensitive sector were neglected/ ignored and closed down without second thought in the name to curb the spread of Covid 19.

Nigeria youth and ex International sports men and women especially Boxers and other celebrities through social media gathered many true information of the state of affairs in various state of Nigeria.

The statement by the spoke person of Northern State Governors forum is enough evident that clearly shown that most of Northern State Governor are not close to their people as democracy demands.

Because most of Nigeria Ex International sports men in the Northern state of Nigeria have different options far from their Governors.

Because had it been that all the Northern State Governors had grass root orientation.the main problems and causes of agitation by the unknown bandits and boko haram could have been resolved long ago.

Rather the Government is seems to be chasing shadow and many innocent Nigeria are unnecessary being killed.

The question Nigeria youth are tempted to asked is? What is the true reason of those killings in Northern State of Nigeria even to the extent on attacks to Governor in that Zone ?. being it Boko Haram or Bandits?

It seems that most Northern state Governors are hiding the main true of the matter.

The ENDSARS protest have expose Northern State Governors capacity to govern their state in a Civil manner without use of arm as demanded by Democracy system of Government which Nigeria is practicing.

Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo is of the opinion that Federal Government of Nigeria must select people with high moral conduct particularly from outside Northern State of Nigeria zone to investigate the killing in the Northern State Nigeria and why all those crisis with a view to bring it to peaceful end.

The above will surely bring to justice those criminal element that have compromise their position in Government or Forgiveness.

Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo commended the Governors from Southern Nigeria and position of Nigeria Governors forum in General for their approach in this ongoing EndSARS/SWAT protest.

Because those Governosr knew the implication of what is going on.

The youth are involved in the Military, Paramilitary, SARS,Police, Boko Haram,Banditary ,Army Robbery, kidnapping, Civil Service, churches as Pastor, Schools, Political movement and etc therefore the Youth understood Nigeria problem and have the capacity to restore peace in Nigeria with Unity,Love and rebuild the country from corruption since the youth are the strong arrows of Nigeria in a Civil manner.

Therefore the youth demand have to be implemented for good governance.

One of the thing that is saving the situation now is that Majority of the Youth and Nigerians have investigated and found out that President Mmahumed Buhari GCFR is not supporting corruption and are innocent of many attrocities going on under his watch.

Therefore I think and believe that Nigerian youth intention is Nigeria reformation that our people both Home and abroad will be proud of.

God bless Nigeria

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Bauchi Shari’a Commission Destroys Bottles Of Alcoholic Drinks



Bauchi Shari'a Commission Destroys Bottles Of Alcoholic Drinks
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”The destruction of the alcoholic beverages, followed several directives to sellers by the commission to desist from it.

”We will intensify efforts in our daily patrol to secure our environment. Sharia law in Bauchi has allowed sales and consumption of alcoholic drinks in some selected area which include the military and police barracks and national parks,” he said.

He assured that the commission would deal decisively with violators of the state Penal Code Law Cap 108, Section 403(1-2).

The Penal Code Law Cap 108: section 403(1-2) says” whoever prepares alcohol or any intoxicant by either manufacturing, pressing, extracting, or tapping, whether for himself, or for another, or trades in alcohol, loads alcohol, by buying or selling or supplying or leasing out or providing premises for the storing or preserving or consumption, or advertising or otherwise,dealing or handling in anyway alcoholic drinks in predominantly Muslim town or village commits an offense”.

“And shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with a fine which may extend to N10,000, or with both fine,and imprisonment. And in addition,the liquor involved shall be confiscated and destroyed in public”. (NAN)

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It’s Irresponsible To Politicize #EndSARS Protest – APC Warns PDP



It's Irresponsible To Politicizing #EndSARS Protest - APC Warns PDP
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The All Progressive Party, APC has warned mischief makers to be wary of hijackers, to avoid diversionary interest in the ongoing #EndSARS protest.

The youths took to the street on Thursday, 15 October 2020 to protest across the states of the country, against intimidation and harassment from the Special Anti-robbery Squad, SARS, and arm of the Nigerian Police Force.

In a statement released by the party public secretary, Hon. Seye Oladejo, the party warned the opposition party, People’s Democratic Party, PDP to steer clear of the protest and not disguise to cause mayhem because of the October by-elections in the Lagos East Senatorial district.

The statement reads;

Our attention has been drawn to the needless and irresponsible politicizing of the #ENDSARS nationwide protest by the opposition PDP.

It will be recalled that the Lagos state government since the commencement of the protest march around different parts of the state has been supportive. Mr Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu and his deputy have taken turns to address the protesters identifying with the issues at stake and assuring of the state government sympathy.

The governor, in keeping with his promise, went ahead to present the terms of the resolution of the crisis to President Mohammadu Buhari in Abuja.

In addition, the state government ensured that all the protesters arrested were released.

It is worthy of note that the most important responsibility of any worthwhile government is the protection of the lives and property of the citizens as guaranteed by the 1999 constitution.

The #ENDSARS protest seeks to enforce this provision within the ambit of the citizens fundamental human right to life and dignity. As a party, we’re all concerned about the incessant incidents of police brutality which largely remain unchecked. There’s no doubt that no one is immuned against the lawlessness of a police force trained and sustained by the tax payers money.

However, the recent turn of events at the protest today gives serious cause for concern. The attack launched by hoodlums on armless and peaceful protesters was in bad taste.

The attempt in the social media, sponsored by the opposition PDP, to hold the state government responsible is to say the least , the height of bitter politics.

However, our investigation has revealed that the PDP would like to take advantage of the spate of protest to cause mayhem because of the October by-elections in the Lagos East Senatorial district.

Our intelligence has revealed the plans to unleash further attacks on the protesters especially in the Kosofe Local Government in the days ahead.

As the ruling party, we’re mindful of our role to support the government especially as regards the citizens rights and the delivery of our electoral promises.

We wish to call on law enforcement agencies to be alive to their responsibility to protect the citizens of the state from any untoward development that can disrupt our peaceful co-existence.

By the same token, the opposition party will be well counseled to revert to issue based campaign that will make for healthy politicking.

Seye Oladejo

Lagos APC Spokesman

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