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I will quickly summarise a section of this piece before I will concentrate on his role in the demolition of my Upper class hotel.

As it concerns the Ezu river incident, MASSOB during his tenure became a government of its own within Anambra state. They established what they called barracks within the peripheries of the Onitsha City. They conduct arrests of people and judge their cases in their barracks. Landlords were forced to deliver bags of rice to their barracks failing which death becomes a reality.

Their activities seriously challenged the security of the state. Almost incapacitated, Peter Obi issued a shoot at sight order to the police. ABS television , along with its radio station which is the mouth piece of the Anambra state government publicly announced the directive .

Csp James Nwafor then capitalised on the directive to slaughter MASSOB members and none MASSOB members. It became a business for him . It became a culture of labelling every adversary as MASSOB member or sponsor via petition and James Nwafor takes care of the rest depending on the agreement. MASSOB members were killed in quantum by James Nwafor. The number far exceeds the number that was evident at Ezu river. Like I stated earlier, the government of the day ought to offer absolute immunity to the officers that served under James Nwafor and the discovered mass graves, particularly within the parameters of Nneni sars annex will totally sum up the atrocities of James Nwafor.

=====================================Before I unfold the factual details, a little history may enable a proper perspective in the the whole development.

Peter Obi’s Mother owned one Nado supermarket and restaurant at Modebe Avenue Onitsha. My late father, G.C Mokwe knows her very very well. Back in the 70s, her mother was a customer of my late father. As a very young man then, I knew her mother and I remember calling her NADO because whenever I am on holiday from D.M.G S. , I always muscle myself into the sales person position in my Father’s beverage distribution business. She use to give money sometimes.

Growing up, I never went on a holiday during school vacation. The reason is not because I did want to but rather , the sales kickback I was getting as the sales person for my father enabled me to fund my school boy millionaire life I was living in D.M.G.S.

My late father enabled Peter Obi’s mother to be entitled to what they called ATTACHMENT then. Attachment is a situation where a customer or an individual or a restaurant owner gets a direct allocation from Nigerian breweries PLC or Guinness breweries PLC through a distributor. The advantage is that , the beneficiary of the direct allocation gets the beverages at the control price which is way below the market price.

That reminds me of a particular problem. The late Justice kpajie Nwokedi of Onitsha was given an allocation of 50 ctns of small stout by Guinness Nig PLC through my Father’s distribution outlet. Meanwhile, my pocket was not yet ideal and D.M.G.S was about resuming. God, I wayed my options and decided to dispose Justice Nwokedi’s 50 ctns of Small stout and I did.

The next day, Justice Nwokedi walked into the warehouse with his police orderly, arrest that rascal. The rascal is me and truly I was a rascal then. The noise drew the attention of my Abraham that happens to be my father. He came out and pleaded with Justice Nwokedi who happened to be his friend. He said it was a mistake but it was not, I needed the kickback to go back to D.M.G.S. Dianyi, the slaps and the anuohia name calling came after Justice Nwokedi left.

Back to the issue proper. Peter Obi and myself was born and brought up at Onitsha. Some of his close friends are also my friends namely;

1. Chief Evarist Uba ( Oba Nnabuenyi Isuofia)

2. Chief I. K Tabansi ( Orimiri Agukwu Nri )

3. Chief Benjamin Uba ( Ozomma Isuofia)

4. Chief Uche Ubajiaka ( Ide Nnewi)

The closest to me is Benji Uba. All of the men above were all the inner cycle of the Peter Obi’s administration .

Right when I was at AWKUZU Sars, I was already privy to some informations.

1. Peter Obi knew at the sight of my hotel demolition that there was a problem.

2. A call was placed to him from lagos telling him to leave the property and that it was a set up. Before then the demolition has commenced.

3. The call unnerved Peter and he person back telling him to come to Awka.

4. The individual left lagos the very day and headed back to Awka.

5. Peter Obi summoned some people along with the commissioner for local government affairs who is an Onitsha native. The very commissioner was the insider person that sold all the narratives to Peter Obi and reinforced by a powerful Onitsha native . Peter was immeasurably bitter. It was then that Peter instructed James Nwafor that nothing should happen to me. This was happening two or three days after my ordeal.

What I was able to establish before we regained our freedom is that, as at 3 days into our predicament, Peter Obi already knew that, the data he was working it is not true. Nevertheless, he allowed us to continue suffering to save himself from the embarrassment.

All the above notwithstanding, there are still a lot of questions that are not answered on the part of Peter Obi.

From the very day he realized that he was misled, he blamed a particular prominent Onitsha indigen . Two or three days ago, he continues to blame the very prominent Onitsha native whom he no longer has a cordial relationship with. My conclusion based on the facts below is that, Peter Obi subscribed to my being killed as long as all that the prominent Onitsha native told him is true and he believed him 100% because of political expediency.

1. Chief Uche Ubajiaka that I mentioned above has a company called Grunz Links Ltd. He also has subsidiary engineering company with caterpillars. He is Peter Obi’s childhood friend and also a casual friend of mine. He was in the inner cycle of Peter Obi’s administration.
(a.). The money for the demolition of
my hotel was paid to Uche Ubajiaka’s
Grunz link company two days before
the August 1st August 2013 demolition
of my hotel. Half was paid on the
30th of July while the balance was
paid on the 31st of July 2013.
( b). what it means is that, there was no
provision for investigating whatever
the prominent Onitsha native told
Peter given that the job for the hotel
demolition was paid for before my

( c). Any one that is conversant with
Onitsha knows that ,the greater
Onitsha started from New and
Old market road. Getting to the
end of Old market road from
Upper New market road between
hours of 8 a.m and to 11a.m in
the morning is hell because of
traffic. How could a low bed that
hauled the Caterpillar with which
Uche Ubajiaka demolished my
hotel arrive at my hotel between
8.30 and 9 in the morning. The
Only way It will be possible is if
it was parked nearby in

Let me state clearly that, if Uche Ubajiaka will be willing to swear with the bible , along with an Igbo cultural oat that he was not paid two days before the demolition of my hotel on the 1st of August 2013, I will abandon my quest for justice and so will my sons.

The development above explains why Csp James Nwafor became frustrated when he was left with no complainant in the matter.

While Peter Obi was still the governor, he made an attempt to sort out the matter. A mutual friend contacted my wife telling her to convince me to accept 30 million naira for a three storey building hotel among other things and thunder fired him immediately.

On Peter Obi’s invitation, a prominent Umuchu native who was his schoolmate at the University of Nigeria Nsukka approached me for settlement. We discussed terms including a public press release that the hotel was demolished in error. Peter withdrew because he had problem accepting the error publicly. The next information I got from his side is that I should not worry and that Willie Obiano will pay the compensation.

My wife who is a prisoner of the imperial christianity, believing that Peter Obi is on the same level of christianity with her, kept calling him and pleading with him that it will affect her children schooling, she sends text to Peter Obi every morning pleading with him to sort the matter out and still he demonstrated zero conscience. At the end, my children lost two years of schooling.

Gentlemen no condition is permanent and the casualty of man is a rotational phenomenon.

Only the strong survives and I am supremely strong mentally and otherwise.


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Anambra Police in tears over killing of members, burning of 11 stations, others



Anambra Police in tears over killing of members, burning of 11 stations, others
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…arrests 17 suspects, recover arms

Anambra State Police command Wednesday wept over the killing of four of it’s members and burning of eleven Police Stations by the Hoodlums.

During the mayhem, two Divisional Police Officers DPOs in the state were killed, while an Inspector of Police was beheaded and his body burnt.

As a result, 17 suspects from Anambra, Abia and Ebonyi states have been arrested by the command in respect to the arson and killings, while some arms have equally been recovered.

Parading the suspects Wednesday at the Police headquarters in Amawbia, the Commissioner of Police, John Abang said the command was still in manhunt for the other fleeing suspects.

He said those who were involved in one way or the other during the mayhem in Anambra State must face the music.

According to Abang, “It is now common knowledge that hoodlums acting under the guise of “ENDSARS” protest attacked Police Stations in some parts of the State which resulted into loss of lives, looting and wanton destruction of properties.

“The hoodlums set ablaze eleven (11) Police Stations; burnt over twenty (20) vehicles including patrol & exhibit vehicles and an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC).

“They also vandalized six (6) other Police Stations and carted away motorcycles kept as exhibits. The Police also lost some rifles during the attacks.

Read Also: Hoodlums burn police station in Ebonyi
“In the course of these heinous acts, the hoodlums murdered four (4) Police officers including the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Osumenyi Division, CSP Akpan Joseph, ASP Agu Micheal, the Station Officer (SO), Osumenyi Division and a young PC Udegbunam Sunday Celestine leaving two (2) others injured.

“In their state of callousness, the hoodlums also murdered and beheaded Insp John Oche attached to the Anti- Cult Unit and burnt his body to ashes parading the streets with the deceased policeman’s head.

“In addition to attacking Police formations, other Government and private facilities such as the Revenue House, Ocha Brigade office and private Trucks loaded with goods were attacked and valuable properties looted.

Despite concerted efforts by the hoodlums to create a state of lawlessness in the State, the Command stood its ground and repelled their attacks in various formations such as Area Command Onitsha, Ogidi, Awada, CPS Onitsha, Inland town and ‘B’ Divisions.

Meanwhile, in the course of the decisive action by the Police, the following suspects were arrested in connection with the incidents with several exhibits including one pump action,one Axe,three cutlass,one smoke grenade and some quantities of dry leaves suspected to be cannabis sativa.

“One (1) AK47 Rifle stolen from Ogbunike Division has been recovered by operatives of the Command.

He mentioned the suspects Matthew Vincent (29) Ebonyi State,Aguonu chinedu Victor ( 24) from Nnewi,Ezenagwu Ekene (32 ) from Awka ,Chukwuebuka Obianefo (36 ) from Ihiala and Okonkwo Stanley ( 37) from Abia State.

Others were, Obumneme Omezuluike (30) from Abia, Onyiuke Odinaka Izuchukwu (26 ) from Njikoka , Chukwuweike Enweozo (30) from Onitsha ,Chibuzo Otiaba (22 ) Njikoka and Ebuka Nkwoego (26) from Ebonyi.

Also, Emmanuel Okafor ( 21 ) Anambra East ,
Kelechi Onyekwere (34) Abia ,Onyeka Egbemadu (23 ) Ihiala ,Samson Okoli ( 23) Ihiala ,Ugochukwu Nwagboso ( 38 ) Ihiala Nwankpa Ejike (26 ) Ebonyi and,
Nwankpa Izuchukwu from Ebonyi

Abang further said, that Investigation was ongoing adding that efforts were being intensified to apprehend other fleeing suspects in order to bring them to book.

However, he commended the patriotic Youths, Traditional and Community leaders, vigilance groups, sister agencies and residents of Anambra State who according to him, contributed immensely to the overall successes recorded by the Command in calming the situation

He said, “I want to reiterate my appreciation to his Excellency, the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief (Dr.) Willie M. Obiano for his invaluable support to the law enforcement agencies in the State.

” I also encourage the good people of Anambra State to be security conscious at all times; and report any strange behaviour or suspicious movements to the nearest Police Station.”

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Governor Fintiri Vows To Demolish Houses Containing Looted Goods



Governor Fintiri Vows To Demolish Houses Containing Looted Goods
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End SARS: Fintiri to begin door-to-door search, vows to demolish houses containing looted goods in Adamawa.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State has given 12 hours to looters to return their loot or houses containing such goods will be demolished.

The governor, who made a broadcast Tuesday evening amid a 24-hour curfew he imposed earlier on Sunday following looting of government and private warehouses by thugs who went wild in the guise of End SARS protests, said the havoc done by the thugs especially mass looting around the state capital, Yola, was horrendous.

He said, “I am giving a 12 hour ultimatum (6:00 pm – 6:00 am) to the hoodlums to return whatever they looted from public and private warehouses and homes to the nearest Police Station and traditional rulers’ houses (from the ward to the district level), whichever is nearest to them.

“This ultimatum will expire at 6:00 am on Wednesday, 28th – October, 2020, after which I will sign an Executive Order for a house-to-house search to commence by 7:00 am of the same day.

“Part of the provision of the order is a sanction that will attract withdrawal of C of O and if necessary, demolition of every house that habours any of the stolen properties. Law abiding citizens should cooperate with the security agencies to ensure this is enforced to the letter.”

He said he had received briefings of what had happened since Sunday morning, and listed places that were affected.

“With shock, we received the report of attacks on the Customs Office, Road Safety, Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NEMA office, COVID-19 Isolation Centre at Kofare, North East Commodity Association (NECAS) Kofare, public and private warehouses in Demsawo, Nyako Quarters, opposite airport, behind Zenith Bank, Bakin Kogi, Mayanka, Upper Benue, AADP, LEA, Yola South, Red Cross opposite FMC, Aliyu Mustafa College; Dr. Belel’s workshop, private farms, etc,” Fintiri said.

He reiterated that although his government was still taking stock, to the best of his knowledge so far, the extent of loot and damages to properties of government and private entities is immense.

“The loss is materially colossal but more enormous is the loss of moral values driven by greedy criminal urge to steal. We condemn in strong terms the outright demonstration of brigandage as barbaric, criminal and a recipe for anarchy,” the governor said.

He apologized to all Adamawa people for the acts of the hoodlums, saying, “As a Government, we take full responsibility for all the hardship attendant upon by the curfew era on decent and hardworking citizens.

“The other two categories of people I greatly owe apologies to are the vulnerable especially at the 21 LGAs who would have been the beneficiaries of the looted goods but were denied because of the activities of the hoodlums; and the owners of the private warehouses, shops and properties looted. I truly feel your pain.”

He assured that the reprieve which the state had had from the hoodlums since Monday afternoon would be sustained.

He said, “As a responsible government, we cannot fold our hands while criminals are trying to take over our society. We are working round the clock to ensure that peace is returned to our society. Working with the security agencies, we have activated the necessary instrument for a return to normalcy and arrest of the looters.”

He disclosed that so far 155 suspects are in police custody while nine Vehicles and 12 tricycles loaded with loot have also been impounded.

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Lekki Shooting: Sanwo-Olu To React To Army’s Statement



Lekki Shooting: Sanwo-Olu To React To Army’s Statement
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Sanwo-olu To React To Army’s Statement Soon, Govt Source Assures

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu will react later today to the claims by Nigerian Army that the state government invited soldiers to restore sanity at Lekki Toll Gate.

The Nigerian Army, on a statement Tuesday night, said that the decision to deploy its men to Lekki Tollgate on October 20, where peaceful #EndSARS protesters were gathered, was based on the request of the Lagos State government.

When contacted to react on the claim, Lagos State government official who spoke on anonymity, said, ‘The state governor will react to this at the appropriate time, probably, later today.

“We have to be very careful in making a careless statement. It is a very sensitive issue. That’s all I can say for now.”

The Nigerian Army, Tuesday, finally broke its silence on the Lekki Tollgate shootings in Lagos, exonerating its men from shooting at the #EndSARS protesters last Tuesday.

it described the allegation of killing of protesters by soldiers as unfounded, attributing it to the handiwork of mischief-makers.

The statement read: “The attention of Headquarters 81 Division of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a viral video on social media in which it was alleged that civilians protesters were massacred by soldiers at the Lekki Toll plaza.

“This allegation is untrue, unfounded and aimed at causing anarchy in the country. At no time did soldiers of the Nigerian Army open fire on any civilian.

“From the onset of the EndSARS protest, there was no time personnel of 81 Division Nigerian Army, Lagos was involved.

“However, the decision to call in the Military was taken by the Lagos State Government after a 24-hour curfew was imposed. This was as a result of the violence which led to several police stations being burnt, policemen killed, suspects in police custody released and weapons carted away.

“The situation was fast degenerating into anarchy. It was at this point that Lagos State Government requested the Military to intervene, in order to restore normalcy.

“The intervention of the Military followed all laid down procedures for internal security operations. And all the soldiers involved acted within the confines of the Rules of Engagement, ROE for internal security operations.

“Finally, headquarters 81 Division Nigerian Army reiterates that the Nigerian Army in the discharge of its constitutional responsibilities did not shoot at any civilian as there are glaring and convincing pieces of evidences to attest to this fact.

“This allegation is the handwork of mischief makers who will stop at nothing to tarnish the image of the Nigerian Army. The general public is hereby enjoined to discountenance this allegation, as there is no iota of truth therein.”

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