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By Bonaventure Mokwe-Dikeh.


Let me quickly clarify that, the second coming of James Nwafor to AWKUZU Sars and how it all played out will come later. Let me concentrate on what transpired within the AWKUZU Sars as it concerns my incident.

After two to three weeks of no complainant in my matter, James Nwafor was clearly frustrated with the case. He was particular on Peter Obi’s haste in demolishing my Upper class hotel. He said that in my presence. Releasing me from detention is off because how would Peter Obi explain the hotel demolition? Charging me to court is equally a problem because there was no complainant.

Two or three weeks into the quagmire, he called me up one morning and told me that we were going to exhume the body of the person that I killed and buried. As we walked towards the entrance of AWKUZU Sars, I saw not less than 100 Sars officers from different outlets of the outfit, fully armoured and we commenced the movement.

We drove to 33 Nkwelle Ezunaka and we branched into OTIGBA layout. I still was not able to put it all together until we stopped at a particular area of the layout and we all came down. He led myself and the team to a particular area and pointed at a spot for digging.

All of a sudden my memory came back and I sought his permission to speak. It was like a moment of silence for the morons. We now have him , they may be thinking and I opened up.

I said to them that, the body that they wanted to exhume is not at the very spot but that it is within the very vicinity and possibly , the exact location may be inside the next compound.

I now opened up as follows. The name of the individual that was buried in the very vicinity is Mr Akas Orefo. He died in 1972 when I was 6 or 7 years and he worked for O.U.C.C. ( Onitsha urban county council). I made them to understand that he worked as ONYE OBULU NSI as we called them then . Bucket faces removal workers. The reason the family buried him in the very vicinity is because he suffered from leprosy and he had no wife nor children. Superstition played a role.

I informed them that Mr Akas Orefo is from Nkwelle Ezunaka, Akpukwu family in particular and that it is not more than 200 meters from the very vicinity. I listed his relations as follows:

1. Mr Emmanuel Orefo ( Civil servant)
2. Basis Orefo ( pastor)
3.Ifeka Orefo ( quantity surveyor)
4. Charles Orefo
5. Uzordimma Orefo.

I volunteered to take the team to their respective houses at Akpukwu kindred that is not more than 200 metres from where we were. The silence was total. James Nwafor then asked me how I knew all that I said and I responded as follows;

I made him to understand that most of my landed properties are from Akpukwu family. In 2008 , the chairmanship of the kindred was in dispute between one John Anyakora and Nnanyelugo Peter ILobi . In an attempt to frame Peter Ilobi with a murder case, John Anyakora wrote a petition to force headquarters Abuja accusing Peter lLobi of murder. He alleged that the individual he murdered was buried in the very vicinity that we are in. The IPO’S name that came from Abuja for the investigation is DSP Dada. James Nwafor asked me if I mentioned Dsp Dada I responded in the affirmative.

He then stepped aside and started making calls. After a lot of minutes , he came back and his countenance changed and he moved the team again. I later established that, James knew Dada and all the details I gave balanced out with what Dsp Dada told him.

By that time, most of the Junior officers were no longer happy at all. His deputy Sunday Okpe was like, what are my doing here?

James Nwafor now took us to another layout opposite OTIGBA layout NKWELLEEZUNAKA. We stopped at a large property with a high wall and we all disembarked. Is this not my property James asked me and I said no. He paused some minutes and repeated his question and I said no. I then told him to get in touch with the chairman of the layout he will be able to know.

Meanwhile the property is walled with Gate. Feeling frustrated, he ordered the officers to brake one partition of the wall and we entered. He took us to yet another spot and the digging started. It did not get to a depth of not more than 3 feet and a body was exhumed. He turned around and asked me what do I have to say.

I first told him that, my property was mistaken for the body planting. The owner of the property could have explained better. I now observed the dug up body and I said as follows;

1. The water proof that was used to wrap the body was practically new while the body is very old.

2. What it means is that, the body was not buried with the new waterproof abinitio . The body came independent of the waterproof. The body was exhumed somewhere and the waterproof was bought to wrap it for the purposes of what it was intended for.

3. I then told the gathered officers to take a look at the rope that tied up the hands of the corpse together. The rope was very tight on the bones. If the individual had his hands all tied up before being killed and considering the years of the corpse, the rope ought to be lose and not to be tight against the raw bones because as the flesh decays, the rope will losen and not tighten against the bones. Morons.

The loss of interest became total amongst the junior officers. It remained like that until I left the AWKUZU Sars.

As we drove back, contrary to the instruction, the Officer sitting next to me removed my handcuff all the way to AWKUZU.

James Nwafor’s frustration became total after the trip. Hotel has been speedily demolished by Peter Obi and charging me to court remains an uphill task . Releasing me remains off because it will contradict the reasons Peter Obi gave for my hotel demolition. James was stuck with the money he was paid to make sure that I die at the AWKUZU Sars.

Peter Obi’s slippery tendency to always dodge equally did not help matters for James Nwafor.

The next page will deal with Willie Obiano’s role in the second coming of James Nwafor to AWKUZU Sars and some details about Peter Obi over the incident.


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Faced with no complainant and to release us will be a fatal embarrassment to Peter Obi because of his haste in demolishing UPPER CLASS HOTEL, James called up Dr Justin Nwankwo and myself one morning for court.

Like I stated earlier, we were charged for killing one Nnaelue Okafor and remanded in the prison. We subsequently dismantled the whole contraption by locating the parents of the Very Nnaelue Okafor at Ifite Ogwari town with the help of one Mr Odogwu Odogwu blog based in Awka and Okechukwu Nwanguma of NOPRIN . The mother of the deceased filled an affidavit in court stating that, the son Nnaelue Okafor was the MASSOB commander at Silas works Fegge Onitsha who was arrested by the AWKUZU Sars on the 29th of April 2013 and that she never saw her son till date . She mentioned how she gave her farm produce to a Sars officer at AWKUZU to enable the release of the son. If the son was released, the bail bond for the very release should be tendered.

It turned out that, the very Sars officer she was giving her farm produce, was equally our own IPO . Suffice to say that the police and the state government disappeared after that.

When we came out of prison, the onslaught on James Nwafor and AWKUZU Sars commenced immediately. Amnesty international anchored by one Damian Ugwu, the astronomically rugged Okechukwu Nwanguma of NOPRIN, the ever stubborn Justus Uche Ijeoma, Dr Justin Nwankwo and myself released all the Cylinders on AWKUZU Sars and James Nwafor.

This led to a BBC African focus program by the Amnesty international. Justin Nwankwo featured in the program were he narrated our ordeal in the hands of Csp James Nwafor. Aljazeera news network aired Justin Nwankwo’s presentation of our case intentionally.

Not long after that, the same Amnesty international facilitated a world press conference at Abuja with the police hierarchy in attendance . Victims of James Nwafor narrated their ordeal before the world. After the press conference, James Nwafor was transferred to Bauchi state from AWKUZU Sars.

We kept a tab on his movement. Not long after, we got an information that he has been transferred to Enugu state from Bauchi state and Willie Obiano was behind the transfer. Before you know it, He was back at AWKUZU Sars compliment of Willie Obiano.

It was Justus Ijeoma that called me one early morning to tell me that James is back at AWKUZU Sars and I did not believe it. I then called my contact officer at the place and he equally told me that he was eating rice in his office. We subsequently went back to the trenches yet again with Justus leading the onslaught. Within the very period, Willie Obiano continued to shield him. Eventually he was removed again and only for him to resurface as an SSA to Willie Obiano on security after retirement.

Before then, on the 26th of December 2016, Igwe Godfrey Ezechukwu, the Okwuluora of Umuchu sent one Ichie Mathias Ekeariri to invite me to his palace. When I got there, he informed me that Victor Umeh came to his palace and complained that I was disturbing the individual the state government invited to fight crime in the state by name James Nwafor. He reminded Victor Umeh of the injustice I suffered and the relationship he had with my father and the need to address the injustice.

Then, at a funeral occasion at Umuchu and Victor Umeh was present, one Onunkwo Ikenga Tony took the microphone and called on Victor Umeh to intervene in the injustice against me.

Two or three days after, Victor Umeh arranged a meeting between myself , Willie Obiano and himself at the government house. Willie Obiano asked me if I had any problem with Peter Obi before my hotel demolition incident and I said no, not at all. He then said that Peter did not leave any money and that the 75 billion naira talk was an accounting gymnastics. The best he could do was to give me a contract and I will recover from there. That was the last time I heard from Willie Obiano.

It is very clear that Willie Obiano knew all that is to know about James Nwafor and cannot claim innocent in any form.

Peter Obi and his role is next.


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Kano Flood Kills 54 Persons, Destroys 30,356 Houses



Kano Flood Kills 54 Persons, Destroys 30,356 Houses
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The Kano State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) on Friday said that fifty-four persons lost their lives and 30,356 houses destroyed by flood this rainy season in the state.
The Executive Secretary of the agency, Dr Saleh Jili, made this known in an interview with NAN in Kano.

Jili explained that the data which cut across the 44 Local Government Areas of Kano was recorded from June to October 2020.

According to him, the affected LGAs are Rogo; Kabo, Gezawa, Bebeji, Shanono, Wudil Kura, Gaya and Gwarzo.

Others were Danbatta; Ungogo, Gwale, Warawa, Tarauani, Nasarawa, Dala, Kumbotso, Bagwai, Rimin Gado, and Kano Municipal among others.
He said, “30,356 houses destroyed and 54 persons lost their lives with 81 persons injured due to flood, windstorm and rainstorm from June to date.

“The agency has recorded 2,177 fire outbreaks and 9,127 farmlands destroyed in the disaster.
“The displaced persons are taking shelter with their relatives in the affected communities.
“We’re at the affected areas to sympathise with the victims and distribute relief materials to alleviate their sufferings.”

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You were too quick in creating SWAT- Govs tell IGP Adamu



You were too quick in creating SWAT- Govs tell IGP Adamu
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The creation of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team as replacement for the scrapped Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is hasty, governors said on Thursday.

They urged Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu to “immediately convene a meeting of all stakeholders”.

The governors made their position known on the raging protests across the country against the brutality by operatives of the defunct SARS, in a communiqué released after the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) meeting. The meeting was held on Wednesday in Abuja.

The protesters have also rejected the creation of SWAT which they described as SARS incarnate.

But the Inspector-General of Police has assured that no SARS operative will be accommodated in SWAT.

The communiqué, signed by NGF chairman Dr. Kayode Fayemi, confirmed that the IG briefed the meeting on the steps being taken.

Nevertheless, they said: “Even though the creation of SWAT might be necessary and in good faith, the timing is inauspicious as the mood of the nation negates it and may understandably be misinterpreted as a surreptitious move to dress FSARS in another garb;

“Governors agreed that there was need for greater consultation with the public before any decision is taken;

“Governors advised the IGP to immediately convene a meeting of all stakeholders and agree on a format of engagement with all state officials in order to address concerns; and that state leadership should meet simultaneously nationwide, to address matters arising.

“Members also recommended that the IGP, the Police Service Commission and the Nigeria Police Council should immediately review the remuneration and emoluments of police officers and explore ways to fund this in order to incentivize and motivate police officers who have pledged themselves in service of the country;

“Governors emphasised that reforms must include the training and retraining of operatives on the rules of engagement with the general public; Policing in Nigeria must ensure freedom for all Nigerians to carry out their lawful and legitimate businesses anywhere in the country without fear of harassment, intimidation or molestation.

“Governors advised that throughout the reform process, the room for consultation may include sessions and direct feedback from the public, stressing that there is no single solution that applies to all the 36 States of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

The governors called for the prosecution of policemen found to have engaged in extra-judicial killings and other arbitrary conduct. They called for compensation for victims of police brutality.

“Governors were unequivocal that all police officers who participated in the abuse or actions that might have led to injury or the death of innocent citizens must be fished out and brought to book while other Nigerians who have been adversely affected by police brutality or other actions that were injurious to them or their loved ones, should be compensated;

“Each state is to set up a panel for compensation to all victims and see to it that the necessary compensation is made to those who deserve them.

“This must be systematically done to ensure that nobody who deserves to be compensated, is left out.

“The forum directed its secretariat to work with the police authority to develop a framework for setting up a panel of enquiry across all States to determine claims and compensation.

“Governors are aware that some states have already started engaging protesters and urged all States that have not commenced same to invite all stakeholders in the matter to resolve these issues.

The communiqué added: “Governors were unanimous in their support for the IGP and endorsed his plan to carry out far-reaching reforms geared towards greater effectiveness, accountability and transparency;

“Members called for increased regularity in the meetings of the Nigeria Police Council in order for it to effectively carry out its regulatory and supervisory roles as contained in the Nigerian Constitution.

“Governors enjoined the IGP to be ready to forge stronger partnerships with state governments and the civil society to improve civil relations between the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Public.

“Members also agreed that the concerns of the public went beyond a need for Police/FSARS reforms and included a demand for better governance.

“They noted the need to engage, consult the public and take decisions that address the underpinning issues leading to the protests;

“Members noted that some states had already started the process of engaging protesters and urged all States to engage all stakeholders for a collectively agreed resolution;

“Members praised Mr. President who has acknowledged that the protests and demonstrations reflect genuine concerns of many Nigerians and urged for a speedy implementation of all the agreed points.”

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