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Stop Confusing EndSARS Protesters – Nigeria Ex Int’l Boxer Advises Northern Govs



Stop Confusing EndSARS Protesters - Nigeria Ex Int'l Boxer Advises Northern Govs
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Nigeria ex international boxer Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo advises Northern State Governors Forum to stop confusional Statement over ENDSARS/SWAT protest for the interest of progress and development.

Because It is on record that corruption is the major cause of all agitation in Nigeria.

Including regional agitation that nearly divided Nigeria as a nation.

Considering corrupt practices in political parties, Educational Institutions,Labour Union,law enforcement agency among others Institution in Nigeria..

Look out the condition of Nigerians at Villages during Covid 19 Lockdown.

There are lots of untrue statement from many Government agencies witnessed by the youth

The position of those in the helm of affairs were far from the true position of the order of the day.

Laws and policies that were not in the best interest of general public was forced on the People with negative results

To the points that our Youth got tired of everything..

In the middle of that painful conditions. SARS among other corrupt officers were used to killed innocent Nigerian Citizens

It is regrettable that those saddled by law with the responsibility to protect peace and unity of the people are the ones creating the problem of disunity and repeated killings.

Sports, Education,Music, Arts and Religion among others are instrument of unity of any nation but those sensitive sector were neglected/ ignored and closed down without second thought in the name to curb the spread of Covid 19.

Nigeria youth and ex International sports men and women especially Boxers and other celebrities through social media gathered many true information of the state of affairs in various state of Nigeria.

The statement by the spoke person of Northern State Governors forum is enough evident that clearly shown that most of Northern State Governor are not close to their people as democracy demands.

Because most of Nigeria Ex International sports men in the Northern state of Nigeria have different options far from their Governors.

Because had it been that all the Northern State Governors had grass root orientation.the main problems and causes of agitation by the unknown bandits and boko haram could have been resolved long ago.

Rather the Government is seems to be chasing shadow and many innocent Nigeria are unnecessary being killed.

The question Nigeria youth are tempted to asked is? What is the true reason of those killings in Northern State of Nigeria even to the extent on attacks to Governor in that Zone ?. being it Boko Haram or Bandits?

It seems that most Northern state Governors are hiding the main true of the matter.

The ENDSARS protest have expose Northern State Governors capacity to govern their state in a Civil manner without use of arm as demanded by Democracy system of Government which Nigeria is practicing.

Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo is of the opinion that Federal Government of Nigeria must select people with high moral conduct particularly from outside Northern State of Nigeria zone to investigate the killing in the Northern State Nigeria and why all those crisis with a view to bring it to peaceful end.

The above will surely bring to justice those criminal element that have compromise their position in Government or Forgiveness.

Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo commended the Governors from Southern Nigeria and position of Nigeria Governors forum in General for their approach in this ongoing EndSARS/SWAT protest.

Because those Governosr knew the implication of what is going on.

The youth are involved in the Military, Paramilitary, SARS,Police, Boko Haram,Banditary ,Army Robbery, kidnapping, Civil Service, churches as Pastor, Schools, Political movement and etc therefore the Youth understood Nigeria problem and have the capacity to restore peace in Nigeria with Unity,Love and rebuild the country from corruption since the youth are the strong arrows of Nigeria in a Civil manner.

Therefore the youth demand have to be implemented for good governance.

One of the thing that is saving the situation now is that Majority of the Youth and Nigerians have investigated and found out that President Mmahumed Buhari GCFR is not supporting corruption and are innocent of many attrocities going on under his watch.

Therefore I think and believe that Nigerian youth intention is Nigeria reformation that our people both Home and abroad will be proud of.

God bless Nigeria

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ENDSARS Has Political Undertone, Influencers Must Be Fished Out



ENDSARS Has Political Undertone, Influencers Must Be Fished Out
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Member of the Lagos State House Of Assembly Representing Ikorodu Federal Constituency, Honorable Sanai O. Agunbiade has added his voice to the statement of his colleague, Member representing Surulere Federal Constituency, Honorable Desmond Elliot, to condemn the negative impact of social media in the country.

Speaking in the house, Honorable Sanai, who disclosed recently that he intended sharing the looted COVID palliative hoarded in his house, on his birthday, said the social media influencers aggravated the destruction and looting by spreading false news stories in and out of the country. He called it a serious war against Lagos state as well as saying there was a lot of political undertone in the crises, masterminded by some people who must be fished out if Nigeria must remain one as his colleague earlier said.

watch the full video below

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Okonjo-Iweala favoured for WTO job despite US opposition



Okonjo-Iweala favoured for WTO job despite US opposition
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Most European Union member states have continued to express their support for Nigeria’s former finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as the next director-general of the World Trade Organisation.

The BBC also reported on Wednesday that the WTO’s ambassadors have backed Okonjo-Iweala for the position.

If the former managing director of the World Bank finally clinches the position, she would be the first woman and the first African to lead the WTO.

However, the WTO’s effort to select a new leader by consensus hit a brick wall on Wednesday after the United States vetoed the move towards consensus.

Deputy US Trade Representative, Dennis Shea, said Washington won’t join a consensus to appoint Okonjo-Iweala because the US supported her opponent, South Korean trade minister, Yoo Myung-hee, according to WTO spokesman, Keith Rockwell.

According to Bloomberg, US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, had pushed for Yoo even though Okonjo-Iweala gained American citizenship in 2019.

Sources close to him told Bloomberg that he viewed Okonjo-Iweala, a longtime top official at the World Bank, as being too close to pro-trade internationalists like Robert Zoellick, a former USTR from the Bush administration, who worked with her when he was president of the Washington-based bank.

WTO’s major decisions are made by a consensus of its 164 members.

This means that a single country, especially the world’s largest economy, can create a stalemate to pressure others.

The Geneva-based institution would keep working to reach a consensus ahead of the meeting of the General Council tentatively set for November 9, Bloomberg reported.

In her home country, Okonjo-Iweala continues to enjoy support from many Nigerians some of whom had congratulated her ahead of the final selection.

Professor of capital market, Nasarawa State University, Prof. Uche Uwaleke, said her emergence as WTO DG would be positive for Nigeria’s economy.

He said with her, Nigeria would be in a stronger position to champion the cause of the Africa Union’s African Continental Free Trade Area project.

The Trade Union Congress, in a statement signed by its President, Quadri Olaleye, and Secretary General, Musa-Lawal Ozigi, appreciated the Federal Government, Nigerians and all the countries that have so far supported her.

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Amnesty: APC Youths Reject Appointment Of PDP Members



Amnesty: APC Youths Reject Appointment Of PDP Members
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The leadership of the Coalition of All Progressives Congress Youth Leaders (C-APC-YL) and Beneficiaries of Presidential Amnesty Programme have protested the appointments of some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members by the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Col. Dikio Milland Dixon (retd).

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, the youths said that the Dixon’s appointment of known PDP members, barely two months after his appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari is not in the best interest of the APC and the amnesty programme.

The President of C-APC-YLs, Emmanuel Perekeme, who spoke on behalf of other leaders, said the appointments including a younger brother of Dixon and two former allies of ex-governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State must be withdrawn immediately.

According to him, the appointment of Col. Dikio on August 26, 2020 was received with mixed feelings in the whole region for some reasons, including that he does not understand the strategic and sensitive programme, same way he does not understand the contemporary challenges of the people.

He said, “Dikio was not in touch since he left for the United States of America over two decades ago and only returned after his appointment. Unfortunately, we can no longer keep quiet, otherwise things will speedily move from bad to worse because of the way and manner he is currently running the PAP as his personal estate.”

He was also accused of indirectly handing over of the Presidential Amnesty Programme office to former Governor Dickson of Bayelsa State “who hates APC and its members with much passion.”

Perekeme said, “As we speak, both of them are still very active members of PDP. So, is Col. Dikio saying that there are no APC members in Bayelsa State that are qualified to be appointed to those sensitive offices?

“Col. Milland Dixon Dikio’s total disregard for elders, leaders, stakeholders and the real owners of the program is provoking. It is unbelievable that he has spent close to two months in office but he has never deemed it necessary to go to the Niger Delta to meet with traditional, religious, youths and ex-Agitators who are the real owners of the program.

“The Presidential Amnesty Office came as a result of the sweat and blood of our people and it cannot be reduced or turned to a family affair. Col. Dikio should act very fast to clear all the students that were not cleared by the Verification Committee in order to save them the pains most of them are currently going through in their respective schools some of which have even thrown our students out.

“Col. Dikio should as a matter of urgency draw up meeting schedule to meet with all critical stakeholders in the Niger Delta instead of sitting in the comfort of his air conditioned office in Abuja. Such meetings will help to douse the growing tension in the region.

“While we acknowledge the fact that the close allies and aides of former Governor Dickson are also Niger Deltans that are entitled to benefit from the Presidential Amnesty Office, we know that there are competent APC members who can man those very sensitive positions. We therefore demand the immediate disengagement of those aides and engagement of qualified APC members.

“Col. Milland Dixon Dikio has shown gross incompetence and lack of understanding of the programme, based on the above we therefore pass a vote of no confidence on him and we demand his immediate sack,” he said.

He also reaffirmed their loyalty and commitment to Mr. President and urged the aggrieved youths to remain calm.


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