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1. An opening prayer by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

2. I want to tell you why they are protesting.

3. There was one Ifeoma Abugu, twenty years of age, she was arrested in her Boyfriend’s place, and she was raped to death, for some of you who don’t understand what is going on.

4. I want Facebook to understand, I also want Tinubu and Otedola if your children were raped to death will you be happy, I want you to understand the rage of the youth.

5. The list goes on and on, some youth were arrested, accused and killed and their organs harvested and taken to India.

6. There is Kolade Johnson who was killed by SARS officer, he was killed because he looked like a fraudster. Kolade was on his way to go and watch Liverpool match.

7. There is Chibuike Anam, who had his life cut short by the police, and his body taken away.

8. Okay how about Aneke, he was 39 years of age, an Okada rider a father of 4, he was shot dead and they claimed he is an armed robber.

9. How about Peter Oforom, he was killed on 11th of April a University of management studies.

10. How about Daniel, his friends were waiting for him and he was shot by SARS as he tried to run away because he was afraid.

11. Linda was shot and the doctors refused to treat her without a police report and she end up dying in the process.

12. We are back again, are they going to stop us, I don’t think so.

13. I am not going anywhere, i will stay here until this gospel is preached, they can do whatever they like.

14. From the message I received from the service men, they told me that if they are sent out to go and kill the protesters, that they will not shoot them.

15. I am also getting a message that Abuja has banned protest, and I am telling the Gbagi people to tell them that Abuja belongs to the Gbagi people and not the Fulani JANJAWEED.

16. Who are you to ban protest? If you want to ban protest you must go to court. That is the problem with Fulani they don’t understand the law.

17. People must stop the arrest of fellow protesters that is how it is done. They want to herd you the way they herd cattles.

18. Now is the time to stand very firm and say enough is enough, if you do it this evening then is all over, then you will have anything you want.

19. You are stopping protest in Abuja but you are now opening the NYSC because you want the youth to abandon their protest.

20. Obiano has done well by coming out to speak, and the next thing is to establish a judicial inquiry and bring the guilty parties to book and we are going to hold him responsible.

21. You know the promise of politicians is like when you bought a fanta for a young girl and you start touching her and she ask you to leave her that she will come back next week, forget it she is gone.

22. The most vital thing the protesters must demand is an audit of SARS detention camps in the ZOO.

23. When Sanwo Olu addressed the protesters last week I thought he is reasonable, from speaking like a human being he went to Mushine and rented thugs against the protesters.

24. If you want to know about the killings of SARS you must undertake that when they killed the APO 6, that’s how this senses.

25. People are now sensible, people are now bold and all thanks must go to Radio Biafra.

26. Someone said that Obiano is the best, and I say to him you are an IDIOT. I

27. Every army officer, every police officer you swear to uphold the constitution of the Zoo.

28. It doesn’t matter who you are or wherever you come from if you do the right thing I will praise you, but if you do the wrong thing you will be disgraced.

29. Every body that is honest and responsible has spoken except those who are irresponsible.

30. Uwazuruike is busy inspecting his hotel. but we are going to spend all the money we received on the people in the school.

31. Tomorrow morning we continue, on that note I thank our mother from USA and their husband as well. The ZOO must fall.

32. With all the love in my heart I pray for those out there in the streets, we are going to do all it takes to support you. Remain blessed, from me from here is Good evening.

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Edited by
Nwada Emmanuel Chisom (Ada Biafra)

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We Still Believe In One Nigeria – Ohaneze tell Youths



We Still Believe In One Nigeria - Ohaneze tell Youths
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…condoles with those who lost lives, property
…condemns burning of Zik’s statue

The apex Igbo socio -cultural Organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, says it believes in one Nigeria and will not be part of anything that will bring disunity in the country.

It says the greatness of the country will only be realised when all sections of the country from North to West to the South work together as one people.

Ohanaeze therefore, condoles with the people of South West, South East and South-South on the quantum of destruction witnessed in those areas including loss of lives during the #EndSARs protests

These were contained in a statement Tuesday by the President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo youth worldwide, Ambassador, Arthur Obiora and made available to reporters in Awka, Anambra State

The group also warned the youths across all sections to desist from making utterances capable of plunging Nigeria in chaos.

Obiora also commended different State governments for setting up judicial panels, while calling on them to include the youths on such panels

The statement reads in parts, “we the young people of the Igbo Speaking Area under the auspices of the Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Wing Worldwide, wish to use this medium to call for calm and restoration of law and order in the country.

“We state categorically that we are in total support of the #EndSARS protest demanding an end to police brutality, extortion, fortune and killings of innocent citizens’ especially young persons by different units of the police force, with special emphasis on SARS.

Read Also: Ohanaeze condemns attack on Oba of Lagos palace
“There are numerous cases of our people who have fallen victims to police brutality and for that reason; we commend the initiators of the protests for providing an opportunity for young people to express their grievances concerning such acts.

“We commend Mr. President and the Federal Government for accepting and granting the #5 for 5 demands of the young people during the protests.

“That none of the 5 points were dropped nor amended clearly shows that for once, young people have collectively gotten the government to listen to our sincere agitations on an issue.

“We also commend the state governments that have already set up their judicial panels of inquiry as part of the demands of the #EndSARS protests and call on others to do same so that the panels can get to work and deliver on the directive of the Federal Government.

“We commiserate with our brothers and sisters of South West extraction for the great loss suffered, most especially in Lagos State.

“We also commiserate with the families of those who lost their lives and all the State Governments that have suffered great economic loss due to the massive vandalism and looting that took place these past couple of days.

“We pray that peace is restored immediately, so that rebuilding and restoration will commence immediately.

“We commend our brothers and sisters in the Northern part of the country who resisted all forms of provocation instigated by traitors who do not mean well for our country.

“We acknowledge that we are one people, with a common goal and destiny. Our greatness will only be realized when we work together as one people.

“Ohanaeze calls on every young person to desist from acts and utterances that are aimed at plunging this country into chaos. We will not allow anyone derail this country on its course to greatness.

“Finally, Ohanaeze will like to reaffirm and pledge our commitment and support to a united Nigeria. We pray that God will continue to bless and keep us together and united.”

Again, the Igbo group said those who desecrated the statue of the late great first President of Nigeria and Igbo icon, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe would not go unpunished.

Ohanaeze said those who burnt the statue of Zik in Onitsha did not show respect to Igbo, adding that the West would never do such to the statue of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

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Rivers state governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has charged the 23 council chairmen, and youths in the state to fish members of the proscribed Indigenous Peoples Organisation of Biafra (IPOB) in the State.

Governor has also warned that any council chairman that allows IPOB to hold processions and hoist its flag within their jurisdiction in Rivers State, risk sack.

He made this assertion during a meeting with all the 23 Local Government chairmen, Community Development Committees and youths leaders at the Government House, in Port Harcourt on Monday.

The governor described Rivers state as the most accommodating state for all Nigerians. To buttress this, he stated that here has never been any historical incident of different ethnic groups clashing in the State as has been the witnessed in other parts of the country.

“We can never be against any ethnic group. We can never do that .we have lived in harmony with the Ibos, the Hausas, and with Edo people. Everybody that comes to this state we have lived in harmony with. And so Nigerians must commend Rivers State as a place where you have never had problem between this group and that group ” he said.

Governor Wike, however, maintained that while the people of Rivers State believe in the unity of the country, they will not allow criminals under the aegis of a terrorist group called IPOB to continue to threaten the stability of the state.

“There is one terrorist group they call IPOB. I did not declare them terrorist group, the court declared them terrorist group. Not me. The federal government declared them a terrorist group. IPOB cannot use Rivers state to be place where they will be launching attack. If you allow that, your future, your children’s future is gone” he said .

Infuriated by IPOB’s effrontery to hoist its flag in Oyigbo, the governor directed the council chairman to ensure there will not be another occurrence of this treasonous act.

“Go to Oyigbo and see what they have done. Destroyed the court. What did the court do? See the soldiers they killed and burnt them. See the policemen they killed and burnt them and then you said people will sit and fold their arms”.

The governor, while calling for vigilance on the part of Rivers people, however, warned sternly that IPOB members should not delude themselves because Rivers state cannot be colonised or annexed by any group, particularly, while he is still the incumbent governor of the State.

He asserted that Rivers state can never be annexed to any state, to any zone. According to him, Rivers state is Niger Delta and will remain in Niger Delta.

He explained that while every Nigerian is allowed to reside in Rivers State, but those who wish to do so must live in peace with the people of the State.

“Ibos are living and doing their business here and they will continue to live and do their business here. We support that.
But that terrorist group call IPOB, cannot determine what happens in our state. To tell us where they own. It will never happen and we must not allow it to happen”.

Governor Wike charged all chairmen of councils, youth leaders, CDCs to go into their various communities and identify all those IPOB members. He has meanwhile emphasied that nobody of Ibos extraction legitimately residing and doing business in the state must be harassed.

“But there are criminal elements that we must not allow, and the criminal elements are those who said they are IPOB members. Federal government has proscribed them, I have proscribed them” he said .

He called on the people to defend the territory of Rivers State and ensure no part of the State is annexed by a criminal organisation or terrorist organization.

“We cannot allow it. All our vigilantee groups must be encouraged. Everybody must be at alert. Work with the security agencies to make sure nothing call IPOB exist in this state. No procession. Not even a meeting anywhere. Identify where they hold meeting” he said

Rivers State Commissioner of Youth Development, Hon. Ohia Prince Obi, lauded the governor for interfacing with the youths as this will give them a sense of belonging in the affairs of the State.

The chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria in Rivers State , Chijoke Ihunwo, appeal to Governor Wike for clemency for wanted , Stanley Mgbere, who led IPOB members to attack the palace of the king of Onne, was rejected.

Kelvin Ebiri

Special Assistant (media)to the Governor

26 October, 2020.

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Nnamdi Kanu threatens to disgrace corrupt politicians abroad



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Leader of the Indegineous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has warned corrupt Nigerian politicians against traveling outside the country.

Kanu who stated this in a live broadcast said his group would publicly disgrace and humiliate corrupt Nigerian political office holder sighted in any foreign country.

He said, “Any day any corrupt Nigerian political office holder was sighted in any foreign country, such a person would be publicly disgraced and humiliated.”

The IPOB leader, who was highly aggrieved over the massacre of Nigerian youths protesting against police brutality and bad governance at Lekki Toll Gate, said the ban was with immediate effect.

“From today, October 25, 2020, if we get you abroad, we will disgrace you. Stay at home until you meet the 23 demands of the youths,” he said.

While blaming the infrastructural decay and endemic corruption in Nigeria on the avarice of the politicians, the IPOB leader regretted that Nigerian politicians allowed public infrastructure particularly schools to collapse while funding their children’s education abroad with stolen public funds.

“The children of such politicians schooling abroad will be chased back home by the diasporan Nigerians to enroll in schools which their parents failed to renovate and fund at home,” he added.

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