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195 new cases of COVID19 have been reported in Nigeria



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COVID19Update as at 6 May 2020: 195 new cases of #COVID19 have been reported:


Total confirmed cases: 3145
Discharged: 534
Deaths: 103

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Nigeria To Face Food Challenges Come Next Year – Senator Utazi




Nigeria To Face Food Challenges Come Next Year - Senator Utazi
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The senator representing Enugu North senatorial district in the National Assembly, Chukwuka Utazi has raised an alarm that Nigeria will face serious food challenges next year as farmers are unable to go to their farms due to attacks by killer herdsmen.

Speaking on Channels Television programme ‘Politics Today’ monitored by Daily Independent, Utazi the insecurity crisis in the South East will be reduced to the barest minimum if urgent action is taken to arrest killer herdsmen who are moving about with AK-47 and are killing innocent citizens.

He said the people of the South East have now agreed that state police will go a long way in addressing the insecurity challenges as governors are powerless to perform their roles as chief security officers owing to the present unitary system which supports central policing from Abuja.

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He said: “You have to look at the issue of these people moving about with AK-47 and killing our people. Beyond that people are saying we want state police. Before many people didn’t agree but today, it is a common issue for us in the South East and even in the southern part of Nigeria. We want state police so that we can help”.

“Now, you find that governors are chief security officers but they are not in charge. We have look at all those issues and we have come to the conclusion that it is very important that we have state police in the southeast to help us tackle the insecurity challenges.

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“Today, many people cannot move to their farms, not to talk of kidnap for ransom and banditry and all that. we must disarm these herders moving about with AK-47 so that we can be civil and be able to discuss with our people. If we don’t do so, things will become difficult.

“Next year, we are going to face a lot of challenges in terms of food security in this country because many people cannot farm.

“This is farming season in my area but how many people can go to farms? They are not going anywhere and we are here speaking grammar and talking politics. We have to look at these issues and solve them once and for all.”

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How To Avoid This Stress Related Deaths Everywhere




How To Avoid This Stress Related Death Everywhere
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How To Avoid Stress Related Deaths

There have been incessant stress related deaths everywhere in the world. 
Imagine how people are dropping dead daily without noticeable signs due to accumulated stress. Calm down. Take life easy. Don’t be in a hurry to die.

Stress And Death

No matter the nature of your work just make out time to rest.

Get it right and clear; that very assignment you think no one else can do except you would be reassigned the very moment you are no more.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Life will go on without you. Life won’t come to a total halt because you are gone. No task or career pursuit is as important as your life.

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Avoid this stress that leads to death take a break from your daily routine. Don’t get used to stress-laden assignments. Adopt stress-free practices and watchout for stress triggers.

Avoid This Stress

Life is precious, as invaluable as we are to people around us, our value or worth ends the moment we cease to exist. Please, let’s endeavour to live before we leave. This is how you can avoid this stress related deaths everywhere.

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Only 10 Medical Labs In Nigeria Produce Reliable Results, Says NINAS




Only 10 Medical Labs In Nigeria Produce Reliable Results, Says NINAS
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Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN), has confirmed the claims of the Nigeria National Accreditation System (NiNAS) that Nigeria has only 10 medical laboratories that produces reliable and trusted test result.

NiNAS Director General, Celestine Okanya, had disclosed the information in a presentation in Abuja, during stakeholders meeting on strengthening partnership on laboratory services in Nigeria, stating that the situation has been responsible for increased cases of wrong diagnostic results.

He stressed the need for a strong relationship between government agencies, pathologists and others in laboratory services to ensure effective and efficient laboratory services in Nigeria.

He said: “We need laboratories that can carry out molecular and other testings so that whether it’s viral base bacteria or whatever, we can have the capacity to test for them. We need to prepare for challenges that we may have in the future.

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“It’s frightening that Nigeria has only 10 standard and accredited laboratories across the country. For instance, we have 3,000 laboratories and only 10 are accredited. We equally have over 7,000 testing and calibration laboratories but less than 50 are accredited.”

Okanya said the situation is not only a medical emergency but an economic emergency. We need to strengthen our medical and testing laboratory system so that we can be able to drive our economy and protect the lives of our people.

“If Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million people can rely on 10 laboratories for reliable medical examinations, then there is need for urgent action from the government and stakeholders. There may be laboratories that can issue results across the country but they have not been tested and assessed, to confirm their competence.

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MLSCN Registrar, Tosan Erhabor, in his presentation said the statement of Celestine Okanya is not an indictment on MLSCN because accreditation is not mandatory but voluntary. “So, advocacy is what is required to enlightened the people and make them submit to accreditation process. We have started doing that and positive result is expected soon.

“It’s not long the issue of mandatory accreditation came into force in Nigeria. Before now, the requirement is just to get a laboratory, equip it and start business. But that has changed.”

The Chief Executive Officer, Bloom Public Health, Prof. Chimezie Anyakaora, in his remarks, stressed the need for collaborative effort to strengthen laboratory system in Nigeria, pointing at what COVID-19 did to Nigeria.

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He said: “COVID-19 has showed the world, especially developing countries, the need for quality and well equipped laboratory that would produce reliable test.

“We learnt lot of things, particularly as regards quality testing and well equipped laboratories. COVID-19 has made people know the importance of laboratory and reawaken their consciousness on having laboratory that is of quality, equipped and reliable.

“Wrong diagnosis have resulted in deaths and permanent injuries to health. Any health intervention without solid laboratory foundation is like a wasted resource/investment.”

He suggested that patriotic Nigerians should promote quality laboratory and health care services, commending NCDC for championing the campaign for quality and standard laboratory. “We want the standard maintain across board.”

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